Fuel for flaming youth
‘My pain and sadness is more sad and painful than yours’, Mclusky, 2003, Too Pure Recordings, Rating: 5/5 


Mclusky are surely one of the most underrated rock bands to have been ignored by the masses on initial release. They burst out of Cardiff during the early 2000’s and after three electrifying albums, due to unfortunate circumstances, were forced to disband.

If you like your rock music loud and raucous but with a smart, humorous edge, Mclusky are certainly for you. This is their debut, originally released in 2000 on Fuzzbox and re-released in 2003 on Too Pure.

Ignore the seemingly despairing and self indulgent title. Mclusky’s delivery was all about humour, which is refreshing for post-2000 rock. The album’s sound harks back to glorious old school days of ‘90’s and ‘80’s underground punk with a twist of the familiar British indie rock sound thrown in.

In fact, a lot of the songs sound like they were worryingly raided from the Pixies’ catalogue. Thankfully, the band came into their own sound powerfully and confidently with their second album, Mclusky do Dallas.

My pain… isn’t produced as crisp and doesn’t rock as hard as later work. This is the sound of a band finding its feet but what great ground to start upon.This is surely the band’s most upbeat and varied work, with relentless savage rockers like singles ‘Joy’ and ‘Rice is Nice’ blending with catchy pop guitar and senseless but appealing lyrics that are either shouted or murmured at you.This album takes you to polar extremes of indie rock heaven, charming and attacking you with equal measure.